Thursday, 17 April 2008

General instructions

For starters, WELCOME! :)

This is first and foremost a Disciples of Donna project. If you want to take part in the transcription, then this is the best time to check out our HQ at the Doctor Who Forum. We welcome every newcomers! It's a great place to be really, lots of fun, positivity, Pringles and Donna love. Also a spoiler-free zone so don't worry if you want to stay unspoiled. You have to sign up to the DWF first, then you can find us in the Doctor Who Universe section, New Series Characters and Actors subsection, the Official Disciples of Donna/Catherine Tate appreciation thread is usually in the top 10 (we are a chatty bunch :) )

Of course, you don't HAVE to join the DoD club if you don't want. You'll miss a lot ;) but it's your decision.
But if you want to take part in the transcription, then please do us a favour, choose yourself a nickname and post your work under that nick. I won't disable anonymous comments, but it can get confusing if several 'Anonymous' are posting here.

As for the transcribing itself, he rules are very simple: if you want to take part in the transcription, then just announce how much you want to do - it can be anything, one scene, one minute, five minutes... But please let it be no more than 10 minutes at once (we want to keep this a community project, don't we?). So, check what's grabbed before, and then claim what you want to do.

Please let's go through the script in order, it's easier than remembering which parts are done and where's still a hole. I know it can mean a bit of waiting, when the previous person didn't give an exact finishing line/time... I'll try to clear such uncertainties ASAP.

When you're ready, post the transcript as a comment. It doesn't have be fully polished - we'll have plenty of time to finish it, once the whole episode is here. I will then put them together and make available for proof reading and final touches. (By the way, if you find a mistake in the transcripts, please feel free to post a comment with correction immediately.)

If you have problems, can't get out a word etc, please use xxx to replace the missing bit - it will make me a lot easier to find the problem lines when I stick together the parts.

And, last but not least, have fun! :)

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